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Research and Development

  • Research and development is an important ongoing process in NRRS as the level of competition, understanding of the environment and alternative methodologies are rapidly changing. While we continue with our traditional and original purpose of making and selling high-quality agarbatti to an ever-increasing market at home and abroad, we are also constantly innovating.
  • Traditionally used only for prayers, incense today is used for a whole gamut of reasons. Incense burning is considered trendy among the youth and a necessity for people of all ages to make life more enjoyable and delightful.
  • Research and development more or less encompasses the following 3 main areas:Packaging: Constantly working towards creating user & eco friendly packaging material in collaboration with premier packaging institutes in India and abroad.Fragrance: It is easy to come up with a perfume in liquid form. To create the same in solid form (incense sticks, cones, etc), ensuring that the perfume does not lose its identity even at 100oC, is an art. We continuously work on discovering such new fragrances, in the new range and traditional ranges.

    Product: Constant innovation in variety of products to suit all lifestyles and environment.