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Quality is a Guarantee for good Products, Service and Packaging.

  • Quality is not a cost factor; it’s a guarantee of a good product.
  • Quality of a Packaging that does not meet the physical or chemical requirements of the product
    to be transported jeopardizes the quality of the product.
  • Quality of service is integral Policy of Our coumpany.
  • Furthermore, unsuitable or low-quality packaging represents a health and environmental hazard in traffic.
  • AWARENESS on the importance of quality and introduction of FORMAL methods for quality control and improvement has been an evolutionary development through 6 decades of our agarbathy manufacturing process.
  • Quality always has been an integral part of our organization in all processes during product realization. Quality checks are done at material inward, in process and finished goods stages through statistically designed sampling plans. Daily Quality checks at vendor premises is a norm followed for out-sourced processes.
  • The quality of tangible products is usually a straight-forward determination; for customers, making a comparison between physical products is a matter of feature-to-feature analysis. The challenge for customers, and thus for organizations, lies in evaluating service quality, which may be the only way customers truly differentiate between one complete “product offering” and another. For this reason, organizations and their marketers live or die by understanding how consumers judge service quality.
  • The majority of customer criteria are intangible. Regardless of whether the dimensions are tangible or intangible, the customer has two levels of expectations: desired and acceptable levels. The desired level is what the customer really wants. The acceptable level is what the customer finds to be the “reasonable” level of performance. Anything in between acceptable and desirable is what the customer will tolerate.
  • To be in business to provide a product also requires providing service. To be in business as a service provider requires recognition of the two components of the service: the service as the product and the service in support of the product. Every organization provides services in support of their “product.” Those services are an integral part of customers’ buying decision and satisfaction, the loyalty, and the price they will pay. Ultimately, the total product/service “package” is what the customer looks for and evaluates; when an organization gets it right they are successful at every level. When things go wrong, then it is disastrous for the bottom line.